Jun 8, 2021 12:59:58 PM

Airbnb Moves to a New Model

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Living through a pandemic has changed our view on many things. From wanting a better work life balance and more focus on health, wellness and exercise, to a greater desire to learn more and the need to connect online.

But it also changed how we live, with flexible working arrangements helping turn long-term dreams of escaping to the country into reality. Holiday rental giant, Airbnb, has responded by changing the way it works, while real estate agents across Australia are already reporting significant spikes in demand for properties in rural areas.

Here’s a closer look at how COVID-19 has changed the way we live.


The rise of the digital nomad

With lockdowns forcing employees to stay home, most people discovered that it wasn’t that hard working away from the office. While in the past, remote working was largely left to digital nomads – mostly travellers who work wherever they are – with a return to the new normal, many Australian businesses have continued this way of working.

Airbnb is jumping onto this opportunity, reporting nearly a quarter of all Airbnb bookings being made are for 28 days or longer, as people discover they don’t need to be tethered to one location to live and work.

“Millions and millions of people are staying and living at Airbnb listings on a monthly basis,” says Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, who views this as a shift from travel to “living”.

“I think eventually in the future people will start paying for rent the way they pay for cable television, or for Netflix, you pay on a month-to-month basis,” he says, the idea being that more people are going to want flexibility and the ability to parachute into a destination and live like a local.

Earlier in May 2021, the company made changes to how it works, announcing more flexible booking options, a faster onboarding process for hosts, and greater access to support for Super Hosts.

“We just think there’s this huge inflection point in travel brought on by the pandemic,” says Chesky. “And so we wanted to adapt our service to this changing world and kind of really ride this wave.”

Moving to the country

If the current property market is anything to go by, COVID-19 has also changed our attitudes towards the home - quite possibly as a result of us having to spend more time there!

Not only are home buyers looking for innovative spaces that can incorporate both work and home life – think smaller apartments with increased natural light and more indoor / outdoor flow. But features – like a bigger section, more land for the kids to play in the backyard or room to add a pool – have become increasingly appealing.

This change in attitude has led to thousands of people moving out of popular, pricey urban areas, and taking advantage of the ability to work remotely from a cheaper location. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has reported its largest net inflow of people into the regions since 2001.

In 2020, a net 43,000 Australians moved to regional areas from capital cities – more than double 2019 figures. ABS demographer, Andrew How, says the figures imply that there is a pandemic impact on internal migration patterns.

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