Jun 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Simple Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill This Winter

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With the onset of winter, it may seem impossible to cut energy bills without compromising on comfort. Heaters and heat pumps are used to keep your home warm and toasty, while clothes dryers are necessary when outside drying becomes impossible. It’s easy to see how energy bills can quickly add up. But finding ways to cut your electricity bill needn’t be complicated. A few simple choices can have the biggest impact. Here’s how you can cut your energy bill this winter with a few simple choices.

Dress for the weather

It may sound obvious, but by dressing for winter, even when you’re inside, you can turn down your heating and still be warm enough. So layer up with sweaters, thermals and socks; you’ll be surprised at just how much you can save on your energy bill by turning down your heating just two or three degrees.

Use blinds and curtains effectively

What you choose to do with your window treatments has a significant impact on how warm or cool the rooms in your home are. Opening curtains and blinds during the day to let the sunlight in can quickly and cost effectively warm up a room, while closing thermal blinds or curtains in the early evening helps keep the heat inside.

Seal up those gaps

Weatherproof your home by insulating your floors, walls and roof, installing double-glazed windows, and sealing up any cracks between the walls and window panes. Stop the drafts coming in and your heat going out!

Dry smarter

Drying two or more loads of laundry in a row takes advantage of an already warm dryer. And ensure you clean the lint filter before every load; a clogged filter increases energy use by up to 30%!

Change your light bulbs

Replace all of the light bulbs in your home with low-energy LED light bulbs. Not only will you save energy on the lower wattage – LED bulbs use about 80% less energy and last longer, in summer you’ll save on cooling costs too as incandescent bulbs give off around 90% of their energy as heat.

Unplug and switch off

Most modern home electronics have features that make them easier to use – instant-on TVs, chargers and computers – that use electricity even when they’re not in use. Turn off and unplug electronics that you’re not using; you could save a whopping $75 in energy costs each year.

Fill it up

Before you turn on your dishwasher make sure it’s full. Dishwashers are more energy and water efficient when full, and use less water than hand-washing does.

Clean and cool

Defrosting your fridge helps it work more efficiently, while cleaning the condenser coil on your fridge helps cut down on the amount of energy it uses. If you’re considering replacing any of the whiteware in your home, look for the Energy Star models with energy ratings to help you save energy.

Time it right

Turning off your hot water heater during the day or timing your electricity-heavy activities, like showering or laundry, before 7am or after 10pm helps reduce your energy costs and save you money.

Sort out your finances

Sticking to your budget can be tough in winter, when staying warm and dry drastically impacts your energy bill. If you are considering making some improvements to your home to make it more energy efficient and you’d like advice on finance, get in touch with me and let’s get you sorted.