Ismar Muratovic

Region & Expertise: Victoria, Mortgage Broker

Finance Consultant

Ismar’s first business started when he was only 17, from then and up to now, he’s always enjoyed the financial world. He’s spent the last decade selling small to medium size businesses and really getting to know self-employed people, their mindset, their drive, their challenges and knows that this will be one of the types of customers he looks forward to supporting into the future.

“Owning your own business teaches you so much whilst learning how to deal with finances on a more complex level”.

“I feel that one of my strongest attributes as a broker will be my intention to always provide my clients with a quality experience but also my tenacity in going further, looking harder to find a lender that will not only want my client’s deal but also look after my customer appropriately after the loan is completed”.

“Feedback I’ve had over the years is that I am very approachable and easy to communicate with, and everything I do is with passion, but I strongly feel that without passion and the right attitude you should not be a finance broker. These are vital transactions for customers, and I am aiming to be in this business a long time, taking my clients from their initial transaction and onto many more whilst we build their future”.

So if this resonates with you and what you want to achieve, whether it’s your first home or next home, small business lending or venturing into investment loans, give Ismar a call as he is ready, willing and able to help with that journey.


“If you want to succeed, you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success”                                  John D. Rockefeller


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