Alisha Scappin

Region & Expertise: Queensland, Mortgage Broker

Finance Consultant

Alisha joins Mortgage Express from a corporate career centered around the property industry. A keen strategist and marketer, Alisha understands the power of setting a goal, having a plan to ensure progress, and celebrating the achievement of your dream. 

In her own words: 

I’m so excited to transition into my own business as a Finance Broker. I’m a results-oriented person, and love nothing more than to help others on the journey towards their goals. 

My passion for finance started as a child, learning to budget, count and handle money while shopping with my mum. As my career unfolded, I applied that simple skill to the renovation industry as a kitchen designer, then into the corporate world as a marketing manager, all the while helping others achieve success. 

I’m looking forward to understanding your goals, and will use my knowledge of the property industry to guide you on:

      • Real estate transactions, especially the stages and tactics used to buy and sell property
      • Property renovations, with acute awareness of the costs and value-adding benefits of home improvement
      • Small business needs and challenges, garnered though exposure to cabinet makers, stone masons, distributors, retailers, manufacturers and logistic operations.

As your Finance Broker, I’ll work hard to understand your unique situation and specific needs, and promise to provide you with quality guidance and communication every step of the way. 

From property purchases to investments and renovation, as well as any small business needs, I welcome the opportunity to lead the charge for your next finance solution, or to help you supply this service to your client base.

A vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. Japanese Proverb.

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