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    Investment Loans

    Residential Investment Lending

    Investing in property and other assets usually requires some form of finance and the structure of these loans is of critical importance. The investment loans products are quite similar to home loan products but the need for flexibility is often sought by investors.

    For this reason, Lines of Credit, Interest Only and Interest in Advance options are particularly attractive for investors. Your Mortgage Express Finance Consultant can assist you with your lending requirements and help to appropriately structure your loans.

    Investing in Property

    Investment specifically in property does have some tax advantages and implications, and it also involves some risk. If the investment is geared with some form of debt, there are some further considerations to account t for. It is important to consult your investment adviser or tax professional about the taxation implications of leveraging your investment.

    If you are a first time investor, you have a clean slate to work with so your Mortgage Express Finance Consultant can structure your loans to develop with your investment portfolio.

    For investors who have an established or a diverse portfolio, you may want to review your lending structure.

    Check out our links page for more details of services that can assist investors.

    Superannuation lending 

    In September 2007, the Superannuation Industry Supervision Act 1993 (SIS ACT) allowed Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) to begin leveraging their investments. Prior to this, the SMSFs were required to purchase the investment without the benefit of debt, meaning that investments with higher entry prices such as property were more difficult to acquire.

    As a result, some lenders now offer loans specifically for SMSFs to leverage their property investments, or other investments secured by property. This type of lending is a little more complicated than standard investment loans and whilst we can assist you from a lending perspective, it is important that you discuss this matter with an investment adviser or tax professional.

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