A Week in the Life of a Broker 

      Flexibility means something different to each of us. Whether its flexibility to pick-up the kids from school, to work from home so the plumber can fix the tap, to avoid peak-hour traffic or to fit in a gym session, we thrive when we can run our own agendas, getting work-life balance just right.

      Lisa Fell and Josh Trevitt share a sneak-peek into the flexibility they're able to build into their schedules, benefiting both them and their clients.

      Lisa Fell, Mortgage Express Broker

      Lisa Fell

      It’s all about balance – work and lifestyle, career and family. I love working the hours that suit me.

      Josh Trevitt, Mortgage Express Broker

      Josh Trevitt

      I love being able to focus on having a healthy mind and body, family time and a good operating rhythm.

         Family and friends
         Health and wellbeing


      L: This morning I’m waking up on the last day of my Byron Bay mini break. Time to checking emails in the sun to prepare for the week ahead, then I’m off for a massage. After that, I’m ‘energy clearing’ and watching the sunset. 

      J: Coffee, coffee, coffee – the kick-starter for every day – accompanied by emails and a few calls to book appointments. After a quick lunch, I’m communicating with assessors, and finish up my day with a couple of client meetings, and a gym session. Family dinner is a must, but I jump on the laptop again once my wife and son are in bed. 


      L: Today’s a travel day, as I head back home to Tassie. I monitor emails and make a few calls. It’s mum-mode when I get home!

      J: I’m in a good routine – same schedule as yesterday.


      L: On the road today! I clear my desk then and head to Launceston for the Harcourts Quarterly Business Awards. The afternoon is spent with Vicky Devine, General Manager of Mortgage Express – we’re in business planning mode. It’s a long, 2-hour drive home, but I make a few networking calls to past the time. 

      J: Wednesday is business partners day – I always keep the bulk of the day free, to touch base with my key contacts. I also make time to head to the gym at lunchtime to work out with a mate. 


      L: I’m in my local Harcourts office today to follow-up leads and deal with assessors. Mortgage Express have shared a new blog post, so I’m sharing that with my subscribers, then it’s off to do school pick-ups. Mum-mode this evening, then a few calls to set-up appointments for next week. 

      J: Footy night! Chance to chill on the couch after my last client meeting. 


      L: Office day again, with a midday meeting at the Salvation Army to organise Sleep Out event fundraising – I’m passionate about giving back wherever I can. My afternoon is focused on lender policy reviews and compliance tasks, then it’s home to relax. 

      J: Power through emails, book appointments and grab a quick lunch, before knocking off early for a decent gym session in the afternoon with mates. Friday’s are all about family time – relaxing with the wife and son, before catching the footy. 

      Saturday and Sunday

      L: Weekends are about quality family time, while staying responsive to potential clients who are using the time to get through their own admin. It’s also when we make time to catch up with friends for dinner and a drink or two. 

      J: We’re an active family so we’re off playing cricket, riding bikes, or snowboarding when the weathers right. We’re usually doing dinner with our friends and spending time with the in-laws too. The Sunday sleep-in is a must, as is a movie with the wife. 


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