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      Broker Income Estimator

      Explore potential income from commission and trail

      Becoming a broker is a major decision, as is moving from being an independent to join a group like Mortgage Express.

      While partnering with Mortgage Express provides you with a leads source through Harcourts real estate offices and access to tools and marketing materials to support your clients through their journey, understanding your personal income has traditionally been a little less clear. 

      The Mortgage Express Broker Income Estimator has been designed to help you explore your potential income from commission and trail, across a range of finance products. 

      Commission: the sum of money a broker is paid on loan or insurance policies written. 
      Trail: a further, passive income commission, paid to the mortgage broker, provided the client's loan is active, each year after the year of establishment.

      Aside from being able to model the impact adjacent income streams have on your potential income, and the impact of trail, it is important to note that Mortgage Express brokers keep their trail, should they ever choose to leave the Mortgage Express group. 

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      Broker Income Estimator

      1Home Loans

      Statistics show an average mortgage broker settles 45 home loans per year, at an amount of $390,000. Use the fields below to estimate your income based on your personal expectations:

      Number of loans settled

      Average loan amount

      2Adjacent Income Streams

      For every home loan you settle, there are opportunities to supply additional brokering services. A mortgage broker who takes the time to offer products for their clients additional finance needs, as well as their insurance requirements, stands to grow their income significantly. Here are just a few adjacent income streams:


      Number of loans settled

      Average loan amount

      Car loans

      Commercial equipment loans

      Commercial business loans


      Number of policies settled

      Average policy amount

      Your Income Estimate

      Annual Income Estimate

      Annual Home Loan Trail Estimate

      SUMMARY | Annual Income Estimate

      Figures show total income, made up of home loans, adjacent income streams and home loan trail.

      Year 1


      Year 2


      Year 3


      Year 4


      Year 5


      DISCLAIMER: The Broker Income Estimator model is for illustrative purposes only. All figures employed in this model including the percentages used to calculate commission and trail, are intended to estimate performance of a Mortgage Express Broker.

      Actual income will depend on performance of the broker as well as a number of internal and external factors. The model does not take into account your particular circumstances or your individual needs. Harcourts and Mortgage Express Australia strongly recommend independent legal and accounting advice is sought before a commitment is made to join the Mortgage Express network.

      Trail assumptions: in this model, trail is calculated assuming the quantity and value of the home loans input in the form is achieved every year for five consecutive years. It makes allowance for loans settling month-by-month across the year, and for a run-off (loan closure/fall off) of 15% each year.


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