Mentoring for Success 

      Karen Laursen’s open and warm personality is immediately evident – she takes real joy from networking and supporting those in life who show up and are ready to achieve. In this article, Karen shares her views on all-things mentoring.


      What can I expect from mentoring?

      In our first meeting, I outline the journey that we are about to embark on together and my commitment to you being resourceful and resilient at the end of our time together.

      Why should I consider a mentor?

      A mentor is a support mechanism, that may help shorten your learning journey, while opening your eyes and mind to new ideas. Mentors have your best interests at heart and work with you directly, tailoring the interactions to suit your specific needs.

      Mentoring and coaching are recognised as World’s Best Practice in all professions and industries. At Mortgage Express we want to help foster dynamism and longevity in brokers – mentoring new brokers is how we make this happen.

      What do interactions with my mentor look like?

      Mentees interact with me formally at the induction, classroom training and weekly one-on-one sessions, either in person or over-the-phone. Ad-hoc support is part of the program too – mentees can connect directly with me in working hours via phone, email or Facebook Workplace.

      We also provide access to an online group where the Mortgage Express team supports each other.

      What’s covered-off in the induction and classroom training?

      In induction, we explore the Harcourts group you have joined and the depth of their offering and support. In the classroom sessions, we focus on real-life physical interaction skills – what to do when you are in front of customer, what should you say to ensure a good outcome, how to prepare for meetings, and leveraging the tools created to help you.

      What about the weekly one-on-ones?

      These sessions are all about you, and consist of structured learning, practical review of broker files, deal structure guidance, placement, file notes and compliance support. We help you build your business for prosperity, which also includes marketing and prospecting. Software is a continued focus, to ensure you’re leveraging all the tools that can make your job easier.

      What does it cost?

      Induction and classroom training | $795 + GST
      The initial course is between 2 and 4 days long, with content and duration tailored to your needs.

      Ongoing support | $500 + GST/month
      This includes weekly one-on-one sessions, and direct ad-hoc support via email, phone and Facebook Workplace support.

      How long should I remain in the program?

      The choice is yours. Duration may be linked to a goal you’d like to achieve, like building your confidence or writing a certain loan value, or you may choose to commit for a set period.

      The value isn’t so much in the duration, but rather in the questions and attitude you bring to each session, and how hard you’re prepared to work in order to achieve your goals.

      What makes you a great mentor Karen?

      I personally get a huge buzz from sharing the information that took me 30 years to learn from multiple roles and multiple lending disciplines. I consider it a privilege to help a mentee on their journey of discovery and it is fun as each mentee has differing needs – no day is ever the same. 

      From your very first deal and with every other until you no longer need me, I am there to provide support and help you to thrive.

      What have your mentees achieved?

      I’ve had several brokers hit significant milestones much earlier than the norm. Recently one of my mentees made the Mortgage Express top 10 brokers list in his first year and was recognised by our industry as a nominee for two industry young gun awards.

      What are your top 3 tips for mentees?

      • Bring a positive attitude together with your energy and enthusiasm
      • Be prepared to work hard – you only get back as much as you put in!
      • Practice all that you learn, if you want to become proficient quickly.

      How do I sign up for the mentoring program?

      Submit a Contact form on our careers page.



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