5 Important Steps to Prepare for Home Ownership

Oct 4, 2023 4:46:45 PM

Owning a home has long been considered the “Aussie Dream”, but for many Australians, the path to home ownership can feel both challenging and overwhelming. Determining a budget, saving a deposit, and arranging pre-approved finance are just some of the first decisions that home buyers will make towards achieving their property goals. To help you financially prepare for home ownership in Australia, here are 5 important steps to take.

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What to Know About Property Auctions in Australia

Sep 12, 2023 11:05:00 AM

Auctions have long-been a popular way to buy and sell property in Australia, offering potential buyers the chance to secure their dream home or investment property through a competitive bidding process. To help you make an informed decision about your next property purchase and so you feel confident about bidding at auction, read on to get a comprehensive guide to property auctions and deposit payments in Australia.

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Getting Your Home Ready for a Spring Sale

Sep 7, 2023 11:01:00 AM

As the chill of winter finally fades and the days begin to get warmer, Australia’s property market gears up for one of its busiest seasons. Spring has long been considered an ideal time to sell property, bringing a fresh perspective to potential buyers along with the warmer weather. If you’re considering a spring-time sale, take a look at these tips and ideas to help showcase your property in its best light and secure an optimal sale price.

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Top Tips for Preparing to Buy Property at Auction

Aug 14, 2023 1:38:28 PM

In Australia's competitive real estate market, auctions have become a popular method for buying property. Often fast-paced and intense, auctions are highly competitive which is why buying property at auction requires careful preparation. Whether you're a first home buyer, a seasoned investor, or somewhere in-between, our top tips will help you navigate the auction process with confidence and increase your chances of home ownership success.

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Finding a New Home Requires Persistence

Apr 21, 2023 2:55:31 PM

First home buyers and existing homeowners understand first-hand the frustration and angst that comes with finding a new home. Attending property inspections and auctions week after week only to miss out on the one that you want is both exhausting and demotivating. Persistence may be a key factor to successfully buying a home, but how do you keep up the motivation when you fail every time? Here are some ways that could help.

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Building Sustainable Homes

Apr 6, 2023 8:52:33 AM

Across the globe, climate change continues to have a devastating and widespread effect on the environment, with rising sea levels and extreme weather events, including flooding, drought, and fires, impacting lives and livelihoods. Recognising the urgency of reducing our impact on the environment, environmentally conscious homeowners are incorporating energy and water efficient features into building sustainable homes that save money and reduce demand on precious natural resources.

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Stamp Duty Reform – The Good and the Not-so Good

Jan 10, 2023 1:15:40 PM

From January 16, 2023, new legislation means first home buyers in New South Wales can choose to pay an annual land tax on their property instead of an upfront stamp duty when buying a first home. The First Home Buyer Choice policy aims to incentivize first home buyers and help them into their own homes sooner, by potentially shaving off nearly two years from the time needed to save a deposit. On the flipside however, increased housing demand from more first home buyers is likely to impact house values and property prices.

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Time to Kick These Bad Money Habits

Sep 26, 2022 7:53:33 AM

It’s no secret that good financial habits are an essential part of financial success. Learning to spend and save mindfully not only improves a financial situation, but could help you reach your financial goals sooner while avoiding unnecessary debt. If bad money habits are holding you back from achieving financial success, try kicking these five bad money habits to start.

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5 Things to Think About Before Becoming a Guarantor

Sep 21, 2022 3:02:41 PM

Many aspiring first home buyers have a hard time saving a big enough deposit to buy a first home in Australia. One way around this problem is to get financial support from their parents, who can act as a guarantor for their home loan. If you’d like to help your children buy a first home, before deciding to become a guarantor, it’s important to think about these 5 things.

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Using Your Deposit to Accelerate Home Ownership

Jul 8, 2022 12:40:12 PM

An important consideration for many first home buyers is deciding whether to buy a home now or to wait and save a larger deposit. It means weighing up the cost of LMI, and any other fees lenders may charge for low deposit lending, against the potential savings of getting into the property market before house prices rise even further. And that’s a tough decision to make! Now, with a useful comparison tool, that decision may be a little easier.

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