What Makes Australia the Top Destination for Expats

Jun 14, 2024 2:03:00 PM

Australia is consistently ranked as one of the most desirable countries for expatriates, and in a recent study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Australia took out the top spot for professionals seeking to relocate internationally. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, enjoy a high quality of life, or find a safe and stable environment, Australia has much to offer those seeking a new way of life. Here are the top reasons why expats keep flocking to Australia to set down roots all over the country.

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First Home Buyer FAQs: Your Guide to Understanding Deposits

Apr 20, 2024 12:36:00 PM

If you’re a first home buyer ready to embark on your journey to home ownership, one important consideration is the size of your deposit. Not only does your deposit determine how much you could borrow, but it can also impact the interest rate and other fees you may be charged for your mortgage. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through what you need to know about deposits, including how much you'll need, alternative options available, and some essential tips to help you secure your dream home.

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Refinancing Your Home Loan: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mar 17, 2024 1:05:00 PM

Refinancing your home loan to secure a lower interest rate or to access funds for a home renovation or debt consolidation can be a smart financial move that leads to significant savings over time. However, it's essential to approach the refinancing process with careful consideration and thorough preparation to determine both the short and long-term impact on your financial situation. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the refinancing process.

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Setting a Compelling Sale Price: A Guide for Home Sellers

Feb 19, 2024 2:00:00 PM

When it comes to selling a home, setting the right sale price is one of the most important decisions. Not only does a property’s sale price dictate how much you stand to profit, but it can also influence how quickly a property moves off the market. As property is considered one of the biggest sources of wealth in Australia, with the potential to reap significant financial rewards, use these insightful tips to ensure your home sells for the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.

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The Importance of Pre-Approvals in the Aussie Real Estate Market

Nov 22, 2023 5:18:00 AM

In the fast-paced world of real estate, securing your dream home or investment property can be a competitive and challenging process. The ability to move quickly when it comes to making an offer can mean the difference between success and losing out. One powerful tool that can provide a significant advantage in the property market is a pre-approval. Read on to find out the key aspects of pre-approvals and why they are crucial in navigating the dynamic Australian real estate landscape.

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Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Jun 16, 2023 10:28:55 AM

Transform your family home into a showroom for prospective buyers, with a few small improvements that go a long way to ensuring your home stands out in the crowd. Create an immaculate canvas that invites prospective buyers in and allows them to see the potential in your property. From decluttering and de-personalising to updating and refreshing, here are 8 tips from real estate experts on getting your home ready to sell.

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Paying Off Your Mortgage vs. Saving For Retirement

May 12, 2023 5:40:20 PM

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether it’s best to pay off a mortgage first or salary sacrifice and pay extra into a superannuation fund, or to do both. While the answer to this question is never straightforward and will depend on things like lifestyle, financial position, and time of life, salary sacrificing can be a tax-effective strategy when implemented correctly. To help you decide, here’s an explanation of what it means and examples of how both options work.

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Finding a New Home Requires Persistence

Apr 21, 2023 2:55:31 PM

First home buyers and existing homeowners understand first-hand the frustration and angst that comes with finding a new home. Attending property inspections and auctions week after week only to miss out on the one that you want is both exhausting and demotivating. Persistence may be a key factor to successfully buying a home, but how do you keep up the motivation when you fail every time? Here are some ways that could help.

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Stamp Duty Reform – The Good and the Not-so Good

Jan 10, 2023 1:15:40 PM

From January 16, 2023, new legislation means first home buyers in New South Wales can choose to pay an annual land tax on their property instead of an upfront stamp duty when buying a first home. The First Home Buyer Choice policy aims to incentivize first home buyers and help them into their own homes sooner, by potentially shaving off nearly two years from the time needed to save a deposit. On the flipside however, increased housing demand from more first home buyers is likely to impact house values and property prices.

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Getting Home Loan Ready in 2023

Dec 8, 2022 4:24:11 PM

When it comes to buying property in Australia, prospective home buyers face a number of challenges. While some may be struggling to save a big enough deposit, others are restricted by affordability in the wake of rising interest rates and a higher cost of living. For most, economic uncertainty and tighter lending conditions have made it harder than ever to secure finance. Here are some tips on how to prepare your finances ahead of applying for a mortgage in 2023.

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