Navigating Retirement with Mortgage Debt

Mar 18, 2024 1:13:00 PM

As retirement age approaches, many Australian homeowners grapple with the daunting prospect of carrying mortgage debt into their golden years. Recent trends indicate a significant number of retirees are entering retirement with mortgage debt, because of rising house prices, delayed entry into the property market, and other factors. Read on to find out more about what’s driving this trend, the impact it can have on homeowners, and potential solutions to alleviate the burden.

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Downsizing The Family Home to Prepare for Retirement

Nov 19, 2023 5:02:00 PM

As the golden years approach, many Aussies find themselves contemplating a significant life change: downsizing the family home to better align with retirement goals. Whether it’s driven by financial considerations, lifestyle preferences, or simply a desire for a more manageable space, downsizing can be a strategic move that enhances retirement. Before deciding to downsize, however, it’s important to understand the pros and cons, why downsizing might make sense, and what factors to consider as you embark on this journey.

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Making Downsizer Contributions to Super

Jul 7, 2023 11:55:34 AM

Home ownership for Australians has long been considered a key milestone in life, and it plays an important role when it comes to boosting retirement income too. Homeowners considering downsizing to a smaller home in their retirement years, could give their Super a last-minute boost by adding up to $300,000 tax-free from the sale of a property. Find out more about Downsizer Contributions, the eligibility criteria, and how pension entitlements could be impacted.

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Understanding Self-Managed Super Funds in Australia

May 22, 2023 6:00:00 AM

Over the last few years, Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) in Australia have become more popular, as more people are choosing to have greater control and more flexibility over their retirement savings. By establishing an SMSF, investors are able to manage their own super portfolio instead of it being managed by a fund manager. And while there are certainly benefits to this type of investment, it’s vital investors are clear on what the pitfalls are to avoid.

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Paying Off Your Mortgage vs. Saving For Retirement

May 12, 2023 5:40:20 PM

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether it’s best to pay off a mortgage first or salary sacrifice and pay extra into a superannuation fund, or to do both. While the answer to this question is never straightforward and will depend on things like lifestyle, financial position, and time of life, salary sacrificing can be a tax-effective strategy when implemented correctly. To help you decide, here’s an explanation of what it means and examples of how both options work.

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Challenges of “The Sandwich Generation”

Apr 21, 2023 2:51:29 PM

How Australians live together is changing, as social and demographic factors have led to many more people living in households with more than one generation of adults. Called “The Sandwich Generation”, this group of people face considerable financial and mental strain, “sandwiched” between the challenges of raising their own children or grandchildren while caring for ageing parents. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some tips that could help.

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Downsizing for Older Australians Could Get Easier

Oct 20, 2022 8:31:21 PM

Government is proposing a raft of initiatives aimed at supporting pensioners into smaller homes to help free up more housing for younger home buyers. The “right-sizing” Bill, which is yet to be passed through Parliament, would make downsizing for older Australians a whole lot easier, giving pensioners more flexibility to find a suitable home, and potentially freeing up more housing for younger families. Find out more about how the Bill could benefit older Australians if it gets passed.

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