Navigating GFV Agreements: A Guide for New Car Buyers

Mar 15, 2024 12:55:00 PM

New car buyers are often concerned about buying a new car that depreciates the moment it leaves the showroom floor. One possible solution to this dilemma lies in Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) agreements offered by some car dealerships. These agreements promise buyers the final value of their car, provided they stick to the conditions outlined in the agreement. Before diving into this financial commitment, it's crucial for buyers to understand the ins and outs of GFV and whether it's the right choice for them.

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Master Your Credit: 5 Essential Tips for Cleaning Up Your Credit File

Mar 11, 2024 12:50:42 PM

Many Australians face challenges with managing their finances and repaying debt due to the ongoing high cost of living. Forced into using credit cards or high-interest loans to pay for essential purchases or unexpected medical expenses, they struggle to maintain a clean credit file. As a good credit score is essential when it comes to accessing favourable credit, here are 5 essential tips to help you clean up your credit file.

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Topics: Debt Consolidation, Savings, Financial Health, Budgeting

Setting a Compelling Sale Price: A Guide for Home Sellers

Feb 19, 2024 2:00:00 PM

When it comes to selling a home, setting the right sale price is one of the most important decisions. Not only does a property’s sale price dictate how much you stand to profit, but it can also influence how quickly a property moves off the market. As property is considered one of the biggest sources of wealth in Australia, with the potential to reap significant financial rewards, use these insightful tips to ensure your home sells for the best price possible in the shortest amount of time.

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Topics: Selling, Home Loan, Buying and selling

Managing a Mortgage With a New Baby: 9 Practical Tips

Feb 16, 2024 1:50:00 PM

The arrival of a new baby can turn life upside down in the best possible way, but many new parents get caught out by the challenges that come with managing a mortgage and a growing family. Amidst the joy and excitement, getting your finances in order can make parenting easier, while a little forward planning lets you focus on what’s most important: your family. Here are 9 practical tips for managing a mortgage with a new baby.

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Topics: Refinancing, Financial Advice, Home Loan Advice

5 Ways to Reduce Taxable Income and Keep More Money in Your Pocket

Feb 15, 2024 7:30:00 AM

The ongoing high cost of living has many Australians looking for ways to keep more money in their own pockets and pay less at tax time. As tax season approaches, there’s no better time to explore financial strategies that could help reduce tax liabilities. By leveraging these financial tools and savvy techniques, it’s possible to save money while still being compliant with Australian tax laws. Read on as we share six effective methods to achieve this goal.

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Topics: Tax Deductions, Australia tax, Financial Advice

Get Ready for Financial Success in 2024

Feb 13, 2024 1:44:16 PM

Heading into a new year is a good time to assess your financial situation and plan for a prosperous year ahead. Whether you’re aiming to buy a first home, pay down an existing mortgage, or simply improve your financial wellbeing, being proactive about reaching financial success is a sure-fire way to accomplish more with your money. Follow these three steps to help build more wealth and improve your financial stability in 2024.

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Navigating Separation or Divorce: What Happens to The Mortgage?

Jan 22, 2024 2:36:02 PM

Going through a separation or divorce is understandably distressing. Aside from the emotional turbulence of separating your lives, untangling your financial knots, especially the mortgage, can be particularly challenging. To ensure a smooth and fair transition, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the legal aspects of property division, and what happens to the mortgage when relationships change.

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Topics: Financial Advice, Property Settlement, Property and divorce

3 Essential Budgeting Tips for Australian Home Buyers

Jan 22, 2024 2:35:29 PM

Whether you’re buying a first home, upsizing or downsizing, or growing a property portfolio, setting a budget is an essential first step to working out how much you can afford and how much you may be able to borrow. From setting SMART goals to dodging “lazy tax” and sticking to the 50/25/25 rule, these three essential budgeting tips for Australian home buyers will help you make savvy financial decisions and turn home ownership dreams into reality.

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Is Buying Cheaper Than Renting? Unravelling the Aus Property Conundrum

Jan 18, 2024 12:09:19 PM

Choosing between renting and buying usually comes down to finances. If you’re unable to save a deposit or afford the cost of a mortgage, it makes sense to continue renting. While there may be fewer up-front costs to renting, in the long-term, paying off a mortgage generally puts you in a better financial position. Here are three reasons why buying a home can be a financially savvy move, as well as valuable tips for first home buyers taking the leap from renting to owning.

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Topics: First Home Buyer, Financial Advice, Buying and selling

3 Things to Consider When Writing a Will

Jan 18, 2024 12:00:55 PM

Writing a will is an essential step in ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you’re gone. Even if you don’t own significant property, assets or investments, writing a will saves your family and friends time, money and arguments, and helps make a difficult time easier. In this guide you’ll find three important things to consider when writing a will, along with tips and key aspects to look out for to ensure a smooth and legal process.

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