Jul 14, 2017 2:57:29 PM

House hunting tips

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It’s easy to get carried away in the hunt for the perfect home and end up overlooking important details – like how much it costs – while being blindsided by the amazing features – the size of that kitchen! And if you’re visiting several open homes each weekend, it can be challenging staying focused. To help you get organised in the hunt for your dream home, here are three house hunting tips.

1. Decide on your must-haves

Before you set out on your house hunting journey, determine your priorities; the things you would like in a property. These could include the area you would like to live in, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, particular features like double glazing or a heat pump, a garden or a garage. Make a note of your budget too! 

Write these down and get your family or partner to add their wishlist to yours. Then decide on the top five must-haves. These are the absolute minimum requirements you simply can’t live without. Keep your priority list close at hand when you start looking so you don’t get distracted in your search.

2. Take notes and compare

It’s not surprising the details become a little blurry after spending several weekends visiting open homes. So, draw up a comparison chart for yourself to help you keep track of the features at each property you visit, and make notes as you go. 

Aside from the basics of the property – number of bedrooms and bathrooms – take careful note of things like outside areas - the garden and garage, as well as access from outside to inside - how much natural light there is in each room, and how much storage and cupboard space there is. 

3. Stay focused and on track

When you visit a home you really like for the first time, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of it and let your emotions rule your mind. After you’ve had a chance to mentally note your first impressions, take a second walk through and focus on your checklist.

You may even want to draw a quick floor plan for yourself of the rooms, any doorways, windows, and stairs, so you can begin to visualise your own furniture in the home. Ask the real estate agent for permission before taking any photos or videos.

Don’t forget to check the things outside of your normal vision – like the ceilings, window trim, floors and even under the sink or behind the toilet. And if you do find a property you really like, it’s worthwhile going back for a second viewing as you may notice features you missed the first-time round.

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